All our recipes are the result of research aimed at finding the best balance between texture and flavours. In the patisserie, our team develop meticulously each and every cake. It is not a machine that makes dough, each piece is handmade by dedicated professional confectioners. This is why a visit in our confectionery is an unforgettable experience. Our homemade cakes are waiting for you!

Nad and Greg’s patisserie was set up by two gourmets who were joined together by their love for sweets. We throw ourselves heart and soul into the discovery and appreciation of Francophone desserts from traditional cream cakes to the waffles from Liège.

All pastries are homemade, we rely on simple ingredients (seasonal fruit, croissants with 100% pure butter, without trans fat), and thanks to our abilities we can create delicious compositions. It is our goal to appeal to your senses by producing the best sweets which remind us of France and Belgium.


Are you having your friends over for the evening or looking for something for your own pleasure? We take all kinds of orders. Tell us what you need and we will prepare an individual offer for you.


Nad&Greg is not only about sweets. We opened our patisserie in rather unusual place for foreign owners – traditional, very local – called Podgorski market. We trust Bartosz Haduch from Narchitektura with our interior of the former. He created minimalistic space which lets you focus on french sweets, natural wood furniture makes the place really homie. There are few surprises inside worth exploring with curiosity, through keyhole.

“Interior of the patisserie Nad&Greg exposes the values of interior space in a building, from the early twentieth century, located at the Market Podgorski. We completed historical vault and floor with contemporary furniture and soft lighting. The high bay windows in the two main rooms were finished up  with wooden furniture. The arrangement of space is complemented by an art installation located on ceilings. It is based on the names of the French and Belgian celebrities related to science, culture and art. Reading each word is only possible by using a mirror placed on each of the tables. In this way the experience of culinary and aesthetic are enriched with a kind of interactive games, to which are invited all the guests of Nad&Greg patisserie.”

Bartosz Haduch


Szukamy kelnerów, baristów i sprzedawców do naszej cukierni. Ludzi energetycznych i lubiących ludzi. Praca w języku angielskim lub francuskim 🙂


Już jutro w Poniedziałek 20-tego czerwca otwieramy nasze drzwi od 8:00 🙂 Wpadajcie, próbujcie, smakujcie!

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Monday – Friday 7:30am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 8:30am – 8pm

Are you an artist? Are you ready to show your talent to the world? Maybe you can play acoustic or French music.
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