Depending on your mood, try our tarts prepared with carefully selected seasonal fruit, in which we combine most sophisticated tastes: fresh citrus with soft hazelnuts in our rubbing lemon-walnut or a pinch of sea salt “fleur de sel” in our chocolate tart. Treat yourself to our summer tart with rhubarb, and finally tarte – “Douceur d’été”, that is a delicious combination of strawberries with a little bit of pistachio. A crispy crust emphasizes the unforgettable taste.

Peanut Tart
Shortbread, Caramel chocolate sauce, peanuts & banana cream, glazed milk chocolate and peanuts
~ 12 ~
Sablé breton, cheesecake, light lemon mouss lemon, pineapple puree, white chocolate.
~ 12 ~
Shortbread, almond cream, pear and red currant, whipped cream
~ 12 ~
Double chocolate brownie
Brownie with wallnuts, belgian chocolate ganache, milk chocolate ganache.
~ 14 zł ~
Sweet "quiche normande" with carmelized apples & Chiboust vanilla cream.
~ 12 zł ~
Pineapple & Mango
Almond cream, pineapple puree, mango & marinated pineapple.
~ 12 zł ~
Crunchy pastry, candied blueberries, almonds Marzipan-Cream & caramelized nuts.
~ 12 zł ~
facon Crème brûlée
Crunchy pastry, cream brûlée with Madagascar vanilla, salty caramel sauce.
~ 12 zł ~
Sweet pastry , almond cream , rhubarb paste, rhubarb slices
~ 12 zł ~
A beautiful pie that fits perfectly to spring weather, with a nice diplomat vanilla cream and fresh raspberry generously filled with raspberries coulis.
~ 12 zł ~
Cake, sugar, biscuits with hazelnuts, candied lemon,lemon "ganache" , Italian meringue
~ 12 zł ~
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Do you think that the lemon tart is for you, too sour, too sweet, it is often "too much" or "not enough"? Our lemon tart with hazelnut is made so that you start loving lemon cakes. Aromatic power of lemon is present, but is balanced by lemon "ganache," a sweet taste and soft biscuit with hazelnuts. You have to try it!
Sweet dough , chocolate ganache 66% , lime zests , salt flower
~ 12 zł ~
Sweet dough , pistachio biscuits , candied strawberries, fresh strawberries , whipped cream pistachio
~ 12 zł ~

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