delicacies and confitures

In our kitchen, inspiration is queen. Below you will find our menu of individual cakes and small cookies, which changes seasonally. We attach great importance to the use of natural ingredients of the highest quality: vanilla pods from Madagascar or Bali, dried fruit pralines carefully prepared according to French artisanal tradition, high-end chocolates … Our menu offers you both the French classics, Saint Honoré, Mille Feuilles, Eclairs or Paris Brest praline, as well as revisited specialties, and finally exclusive creations according to the seasons. A bit of Belgium, and a bit of France!


Check also our home made spreads and jams:

  • pear – marcipan
  • strawberry – poppies
  • strawberry – rhubarb
  • spread with speculoos
  • praliné with caramelized nuts
Delicious Belge chocolate cookies.
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Proust’s favorite…to accompany your tea
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There are few history about Madleine, and one of them says it's Stanisław Ist (Polish king of Lorraine) learned his cook how to bake them.
Colorfull macarons in various seasonal flavors
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We probably don't have to present macarons? Products sophisticated and very complex based on almonds symbol of French sophistication. They may have an infinite number of variations, depending on the imagination: did you know that there are also versions of salty cheese, foie gras (the liver) ...?
But we're talking about sweet. Selected specially for You.