Do you remember the delicious French croissants? Do you want to eat crispy, soft and sweet brioche, here in Krakow? Definitely, you will love our typical French “croissants”, “pains au chocolat”, “Chausson aux pommes” and brioches feuilletées. Start your day in the french-style! Come for breakfast and try our pastries with homemade spreads and freshly brewed coffee or tea!
* Our viennoiserie are made of completely pure butter, no trans-fatty acids.

Croissant with almonds
French croissant with flaked almonds and almond cream. Perfect for morning breakfast & sweet brunches.
~ 5,50 zł ~
Pain with chocolate & pistachios
Chocolate pain filled with pistachio&chocolate cream, crushed pistachios. Sweet & crunchy!
~ 5,50 zł ~
Apple Chausson
Puff pastry topped with fondant apples.
~ 5,50 zł ~
Raspberry croissant
French croissant filled with home made Raspberry confiture.
~ 5,50 zł ~
Raisin bread
Vanilla pastry cream and soft grapes
~ 5,5 zł ~
Oran apricot
vanilla pastry cream and apricots
~ 5,50 zł ~
Should we still introduce it? If you too are fans of croissants, you'll recognize his crisp and good taste of butter and sourdought. The rest is up to you: soak it in the coffee or spread generously with jam, everything is permitted.
~ 4,50 zł ~
A brioche with pretty swirls lamination that make it crispy on top and soft inside. This pastry is between the brioche and the croissant, since the chief incorporates butter by doing "tricks", like puff pastry or croissant dough. Exclusively at Nad & Greg!
~ 5,50 zł ~

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