Prepared according to the recipe, or maybe just … “mom’s way”, the classics never go out of fashion and thanks to them French pastry is famous all over the world. Crispy, spread with egg yolk, composed of thin layers, “pate a choux”, velvety cream and crunchy caramel … Discover the classic French patisserie: mille-feuilles, Saint-Honoré, Paris-Brest!
We create them with natural ingredients of highest quality: vanilla pod from Madagascar carefully shelled, fruits candied according to the French tradition of craftsmanship, or chocolate … When it comes to your taste, with Nad & Greg we set the bar very high!

Pavlova with forest fruits
~ ~
Façon Charlotte
With almond, raspberry, litchi cream and charlotte biscuits
~ ~
Ecler with cherry
Ecler with cherry and grenadine
~ ~
Choco Madness
Sacher Biscuit with marzipan, ganache chocolate Grand Cru Peru 70%, ganache chocolate belgian, macaroon
~ 15 zł ~
Apple Ecler
Praline, green apple gel, green apple mousse, pecan nuts, white chocolate
~ 11 ~
Vanilla eclair with tonka
French "pâte à choux", vanilla-tonka cream with vanilla frosting.
~ 11 zł ~
Pear & chocolate
Biscuits, pear cream.
~ 15 zł ~
Coffee flavoured Religieuse
French "pâte à choux" with home made coffee cream.
~ 12 zł ~
Carmelized french pastry, cream
~ 10 zł ~
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Puff pastry, well rested, crispy, melting in your mouth at the same time, subtly layered with vanilla cream, that is one of the most classic puff pastry!
The first French pastries appeared in 1867 by confectioner Seugnot, the Rue du Bac in Paris. Its named "mille-feuilles" ("a thousand leaves") after the many layers of dough, which are arranged like fine leaves. According to the traditional, french pastry is made of three thin layers of the dough and two or three layers of cream confection. Because a piece of puff pastry dough is folded six to ten times, and creates 300 to 400 sheets, three layers of puff pastry "mille-feuilles" are similar to the amount of one thousand, which gave the name of the cake.
Puff pastry, choux, caramel, whipped cream, mascarpone.
~ 15 zł ~
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"Saint-Honoré" owes its name to the name of the patron saint of bakers & confectioners, anything but that! Gives him a worthy honor: invented around 1850 in Chiboust, by the famous Parisian patissiere, it consists of a base of puff pastry, choux with caramel icing on top, all on the base made of a vanilla cream, covered with whipped cream. French baking concentrated in itself, tempting to dip into it with you teaspoon...
Paris Brest
Choux pastry, light cream with pralines
~ 12 zł ~
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We can try this classic thanks to Louis Durand. Artisan confectioners of Maisons Laffitte, in 1910 he created the dessert to pay tribute to the famous bicycle race from Paris to Brest and gave his cake form of a bicycle wheel.

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