In our kitchen, inspiration is queen. Below you will find our menu of individual cakes and small cookies, which changes seasonally. We attach great importance to the use of natural ingredients of the highest quality: vanilla pods from Madagascar or Bali, dried fruit pralines carefully prepared according to French artisanal tradition, high-end chocolates … Our menu offers you both the French classics, Saint Honoré, Mille Feuilles, Eclairs or Paris Brest praline, as well as revisited specialties, and finally exclusive creations according to the seasons. A bit of Belgium, and a bit of France!

Chocolate and caramel mousse
~ 12,00 zł ~
Eclair Pacan
Eclair with maple cream and caramelized pecans
~ 13,00 zł ~
Cake like a Rafaello : coconut financier, coconut ganache, homemade coconut-almond praline, almond glaze, roasted coconut. /
~ 15,00 zł ~
ricotta & grape cheesecake
reconstituted shortbread, ricotta cheesecake, mint infused cream, grapefruit jelly
~ 16,00 zł ~
Paris Brest
Choux pastry, almond-hazelnut praliné mousseline cream, pure praliné.
* seasonally available
~ 14,00 zł ~
praline cheesecake
Almond-hazelnut praline cheesecake. available in portions or whole cake
~ 13/150 zł ~
cocoa cookie, crispy peanut butter layer and two dark chocolate ganaches. Pure pleasure available in portions or in whole cake.
~ 15/168 zł ~
Marzipan biscuit, raspberry cream, crunchy chocolate with praliné, mousse with dark chocolate 72%.
* seasonally available
~ 15,00 zł ~
Mont Blanc Cheesecake
Mini cream cheesecake with chestnuts, blackcurrant jam, meringue and chestnut cream
~ 15,00 zł ~
Pomme d’amour
Shortcrust pastry, apple-vanilla fruits, mousse with candied apples "pomme d'amour", glaze with white chocolate
~ 15,00 zł ~
Purple tower
Shortcrust pastry, cheesecake with home-made blackcurrant jam, mascarpone cream and kuberdon - traditional Belgian candy
~ 14,00 zł ~
Riz au lait
rice pudding and cream, with a lot of vanilla, ganache and Belgian chocolate choux
~ 14,00 zł ~