“When I was a child, I always wondered if there will be a patisserie in paradise.”

Since childhood I have been passionate about pastry. For me it is all about meeting your expectations, sharing my tastes, discovering and feeling emotions. I want to make handcrafted sweets based on natural ingredients. I have been developing cakes for years, without the intervention of machines. This allows you to explore the unique feelings and makes every bite unique. I studied in France in the well known school for confectioners and worked in the Elysée Palace of the French President, also toured around France to learn new flavours. I would like to bring French flavours and combinations to Krakow to make you feel happy.


“Cause Belgians are also gourmets!”

I’m a lawyer, I fell in love with confectionery by a chance, some time ago. I went to workshops in confectionery offered by my colleagues and that was it. I discovered the infinite possibilities of this new material. I was mixing and testing different textures. It requires discipline to reach the satisfactory result. It was the beginning of my adventure! As a  sophisticated gourmet, I always take care of Belgian elements in our patisserie, as waffles from Liege, spiced wafers (speculoos) or “Cuberdon” (our famous candy), you will see that the Belgians are particularly good when it comes to sweets …