NArchitekTURA cukierni

NArchitekTURA cukierni

Implementation of French pastry Above & Greg for us, as architects, weave auspicious circumstances and positive surprises.

The concept, which was prepared in haste for friends from Belgium and France, was created in parallel with the work on site, in just three months – from March to May 2016 year. This process is like a little part in competitions in design time. The interior on the ground floor of the early twentieth century, the Podgorski Market Square in Krakow gradually odkrywało before us their potential. It turned out to be “sewn on as” the needs of a small bakery.



After getting rid of not very attractive blue ceramic tiles discovered historical stone floor, he decided to restore. The characteristic mosaic of light and dark slabs of marble shaped by the rather minimalist approach to other elements of the arrangement. One of the first design decision was clearing and visibility preserved cross vaults using discrete, indirect lighting. High and deep window niches in the two main rooms finished up wooden furniture, in which we integrated benches, tables and movable shutters. These forms Crop views of the nearby street market and the neo-Gothic church. Joseph designed by Jan Sas-Zubrzyckiego. Variable settings also inform the shutters to open or close the premises. Each of the wooden elements enriched by a characteristic perforation imitating a keyhole. These holes underline the view axes intersecting the entire interior, from the square to the outhouse; also encourage passers-by to zaglądnięcia inside the bakery. Most of the furniture is made of bleached beech and oak wood, benches and chairs and additionally enriched with removable cover material. This motif can be regarded as an architectural interpretation of haute couture tailoring. Quite different in nature while gold has room located on the side outbuilding, which is a nod to the work of French artist – Yves Klein. Warm, intimate nature of its interior emphasize the bulb placed directly on the walls.


Arrangement of space completes the artistic installation Les Étoiles (Stars) placed on the ceilings of the main halls. It is quite surprising interpretation of the historical tradition of decorating the vaults. Instead of figurative ornamentation decided to establish indirectly to the nature of the premises, using the names of French and Belgian celebrities, related to science, culture and art. Reading each word, however, is possible only through the mirror candlesticks placed on each of the tables. In this way the experience of culinary and aesthetic are enriched with a kind of interactive games, to which are invited all the guests pastry Nad & Greg.


Architectural design:

NArchitekTURA / Bartosz Haduch, Luke Marjański

Art installation Les Étoiles:

Bartosz Haduch, Michael Haduch